The project is organised by the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade in cooperation with the Slovak Atlantic Commission, Europeum, Lublin University, Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy and supported by the International Visegrad Fund.


The key of sustainable democratic reforms in Ukraine is country’s capability to transform its economy. Similarly, the Visegrad countries have implemented industrial and agricultural reforms that are awaiting for Ukraine in the following years. Due to its size and geographical proximity, Ukraine’s economy plays a vital role in the future economic development of the Visegrad countries, therefore all V4 governments are committed to support its economic transformation. The main aim of the project is to disseminate this experience during a two-day event organized in Budapest with a wide participation of experts from the Visegrad countries as well as Ukraine. Additionally, the project’s goal is to analyse potential possibilities for the business sector of the Visegrad countries in order to enter the Ukraine’s market and vice versa. In other words, the experts will discuss how the Visegrad countries could support the economic development of Ukraine by initiating and contributing to projects that are actively supporting the reforms.


The first plenary day of the conference consists of four panels that will focus on the economic reforms from a more general perspective and introduce current problems Ukraine is facing. It includes the most relevant economic reforms in the V4 countries, as well as the best practices based on the previous support of Visegrad countries in Ukraine and other regions.

The second day, the V4 and Ukraine experts will share the national experience and best practices at four thematic workshops on a sectoral level basis, all of them organised by one of the Visegrad project partners. During four half-day workshops (2-2 running in parallel) the experts will discuss the implementation of V4 sectoral development, the role of the national governments in boosting particular reforms, the key legislative processes to attract investors and capital. The debates will be devoted to the present state of four specific industries (energy, car industry, agriculture and IT) in Ukraine and the potential of their development and the means of involving experience and support of V4 countries into the development activities of Ukraine.

The main findings of the conference and discussions will be published and presented in Kiev. The paper will include the summary of discussions based on the topics of the panels and workshops.