On 2nd November 2016 we paid tribute to a triple anniversary with the opening of the exhibition about “Tunisia and the Hungarian Revolution of 1956”. This year we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Tunisia and Hungary, the independence of Tunisia, and the Hungarian revolution of 1956 as well.

The exhibition was organized by the Embassy of Tunisia in Budapest and the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade. The event was opened by Márton Schőberl, Director-General of IFAT, and the audience was greeted by Khemaies Jhinaouiband, Minister Foreign Affairs of Tunisia and István Íjgyártó, Secretary of State for Cultural and Scientific Diplomacy.

Secretary István Íjgyártó emphasized in his speech that the history of the past 60 years proved that proportionally small nations such as the Hungarian or Tunisian can play an exemplary role in diplomacy, building of democratic institutions and keeping stability and peace. After 1956 Hungary was the model of resistance against dictatorship and oppression. After the events of the Arab Spring in 2011, Tunisia became one of the positive models for the democratic transition.

The Secretary – relating to the future cooperation of the two states – highlighted that Hungary and Tunisia by playing bridging role can mutually broaden the diplomatic and business possibilities in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in North Africa.

At the exhibition the events related to the triple anniversary are presented by contemporary newspaper articles, photos and mails.