KKI Policy Brief

2017. január 10. 15:54

Information Warfare in Hungary

Analysis by János T. Barabás

2016. július 14. 9:42

Expanding the Concept of Terrorism Possible Interpretations after the Orlando Shooting

Analysis by Máté Szalai and Péter Wagner

2016. január 28. 12:04

The Paris Climate Agreement: When High Expectations Meet Political Reality

Analysis by Diána Szőke.

2016. január 8. 12:04

The Visegrad Innovation Hub What Role for Diplomacy?

Analysis by Katalin Ertsey.

2015. november 27. 11:59

Analysis of the Legislative Assembly Elections in Bihar, India

Analysis by Anna Juhos.

2015. július 20. 11:58

Renewing Our Vows and Stepping to a New Level in V4 - Lessons from the Nordic Regional Co-operation for the Visegrád Group

Analysis by Katalin Ertsey.

2015. július 10. 11:57

What the Proposed Extension of the Nord Stream Would Mean to Central Europe?

Analysis by Márton Ugrósdy.