In April 201t, the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade submitted and application for the Strategic Grant of International Visegrad Fund. The project entitled ‘Supporting economic reforms in Ukraine by transferring V4 experience” got supported by the Fund and will start in August 2015.

The key of sustainable democratic reforms in Ukraine is how much the country capable to transform its economy. Visegrad countries went under similar industrial and agricultural reforms that Ukraine will have to implement in the following years. The aim of the project is to disseminate this experience in a two day event organised in Budapest with a wide participation of experts. The first day of the conference will focus on these reforms from a more general perspective, while on the second day through thematic workshops. The representatives of some of the most influential international organisations active in Ukraine will be invited, as well as the representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions, including universities, business clusters and representatives of civil society organisation actively assisting in the reform process in Ukraine.

The main findings of the event and discussions will be published and presented in Kiev. The paper will include the summary of discussions and policy papers based on the most discussed topics). Further policy papers will be prepared as well covering all thematic focus of the workshops as well (4 papers each of them 8-10 pages).