The international forum jointly organized by the Latvian Institute for Foreign Affairs (LIIA) and the Institute of European Studies of the Chinese Academy of Social Science took place in Riga on 5th November, 2016. The leaders and the representatives of the think thanks from the region and China took part at the forum which was one of the main side events of the Meeting of the Heads of Government of Central Eastern European Countries and China.

Director-General Márton Schőberl represented IFAT, a member of the 16+1 Think Tank Network and took part as a guest lecturer at the 1st panel at the three panel structured conference and reviewed the Hungarian perspective related to the importance of the co-operation between China and the Central Eastern European Countries.

The keynote speakers were Valdis Zatlers, former president of Latvia and Wang Weiguang, the president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the member of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

The Director-General of IFAT underlining four important features – namely the civilization, co-operation, competitiveness and curiosity – talked about the Central Eastern European, including the Hungarian approach as well and highlighted the results Hungary and China achieved in terms of bilateral or regional collaboration. In the course of the discussion session following the panels he stated that on the one hand the 16 regional countries often act as each other’s competitors, on the other hand – bringing the successful V4 co-operation as an example – there are always opportunities among the competing parties for the harmonization, the complementation, the multiplication of advantages, but at least for the honest competition.

As a conclusion the leader of the Institute revised the actual bilateral conditions with Dr. Adrienn Müller, the Ambassador of Hungary to Latvia and led discussion on further prospects regarding the interinstitutional co-operation with Dr. Andris Sprūd, the director-general at the Latvian Institute for Foreign Affairs. Furthermore, he examined additional elements of collaboration between CASS and IFAT with Chen Xin, the director of the European Economic Division of CASS IES. Márton Schőberl gave an interview related to the forum for the journalists of Magyar Nemzet on site.